ServiceDesk and CMDB data integration

ServiceDesk and CMDB data integration

Hi guys,

I have question regarding using and integrating cmdb with SD+ requests. Lets have the following two cases:
Case 1: I want to have a request in SD where ppl can request for share folder creation and provide some details such as owner etc. When that is done i want to register this info in CMDB such as share folder name, owner, purpose, groups for managing access.

Case 2: ppl to request access for share folders and they will have to select the share folder name based on a drop down list from CMDB and approvals will go to owner based on the owner field in CMDB.

1- can the above cases be done?
2- how to reference the approvals from cmdb in the approval list or through a script?
3- how to enforce the request to update cmdb?
4- if for any reason case 1 and 2 implemented and the owner of SF in cmdb was missing (blank) will the request get stuck or will it go to next approval/implementer(if no 2nd approval required)?

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