Service Desk and Endpoint central Integration license gray area

Service Desk and Endpoint central Integration license gray area

Recenly we migrated Service desk plus from version 11.0.X to 14.0.X and integrated Endpoint central server.

Since its unified agent, it started to consume one license from endpoint central server and also from Service desk plus to record the asset. So technically we are consuming 2 licenses for 1 asset. If customber do not wish to use Endpoint central feature on certain machines and want to record only asset in service desk, they cannot do it directly. No option in service desk or endpoint cental to opt out from Endppoint central features like patch management and other features  and record only asset in service desk.

I have checked with support agent and they informed me that we have to exaust all the licenses in endpoint cental before we get option to opt out from endpoint central feature.  But my fear is that when we add more licenses to endpoint cental, machines which are opted out from endpoint cental, it might start consuming the licenses again.

My Question to Manage Engine is that why dont you give customer option if they wish to use with or without endpoint central license? It looks like manage engine is forcing its customer to use endpoint central product even they dont wish to and pay more money for license? when you decided to integrate this product without leaving any option to customer why you did not make universal license which can be used in Endpoint central and service desk to record asset. 

In my enviornment, we have certain server which i need to record but do not wish to be managed using endpoint cental agent and prefer to patch it manually. 

Why not single document state about this condition that it will start consuming license in both the sides?

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