Secondary Node is Inactive

Secondary Node is Inactive

Hi , we installed PAM360 version 5000 and tried to configure High Availability in product console but unfortunately the secondary server show Inactive. The setup is configured with :
1- the same version of PAM360 on both servers
2- the same version of OS (server 2019)
3- Both server placed on the same Network
4- we can telnet port 3456 and 8282 of both server from each other 
5- Secondary server PostgreSQL is Active (web console)
6- Replication Pending Count is 0 (web console)
7- PAM360 Service on both server is Running (in Services.msc) but in PAM360 TrayIcon the service status shows stopped..!
8- PAM360 Service( in Services.msc ) Runs as Local system Account . (we tried the AD Account with high privilege too )

any help would be appreciated 

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