SDP Mail server does not support Modern Authentication

SDP Mail server does not support Modern Authentication

It has come to our attention that Microsoft will be disabling legacy authentication for emails using the Exchange 365 servers as noted here: Block legacy authentication - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs starting October 1, 2022.


It is imperative that we have modern authentication enabled for all email accounts within our Azure environment. We cannot use legacy authentication for email servers associated with SDP.  We have created a separate individual mailbox for the purpose of this along with Exchange license for email functionality and SDP still could not enable for Office 365. We’re getting this error because per our company security policy, we have to disable legacy protocols for emails such as POP and SMTP:

Error while adding account: Unable to get SMTP email

How is Zoho planning to implement this feature to allow for Azure tenants with legacy authentication disabled and requiring modern authentication?

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