RHEL Installation Question

RHEL Installation Question


I am trying to work out what exactly are the linux prerequisites for this.
I have downloaded the .bin file and am trying to install without success.

it does a preparing java virtual machine and prints about 15 lines of dots ....
nothing else.

I have installed RHEL 6.8 to a minimal install with hardening as per our standard installation. 

Questions I have.

1) There is a disk space requirement, yet no where in the installation or pre-requisites does it say where this disc space must be in the file system? is there a mount point we need to create?

2) Are there some requirements regarding other rpm packages that need installing?

3) Is there a requirement for X-Windows and hence this is why the install is failing? Minimal installation does not install graphical libraries.

4) Are there any kernel settings that need to be changed?


David Smith