Review: DataSecurity Plus through 2023

Review: DataSecurity Plus through 2023

DataSecurity Plus' 2023 updates allow you to audit more data sources and offer updates to security and other functions. Here are some of the most impactful changes and features that make DataSecurity Plus more adept at data-centric security:


  • Launch of NetApp CIFS server auditing: You can audit file changes and spot anomalous file activity in NetApp CIFS servers.

  • More control over sensitive files: Move or delete files that have been found to contain PII, ePHI, and other sensitive data and immediately quarantine them.

  • All-round file activity monitoring : In addition to local user actions in endpoints, you can track file overwrite or delete actions anywhere in the organizational network.

  • Efficient security hardening: Fortify your DataSecurity Plus deployment with easy-to-follow task lists.

  • Other updates: A host of other security updates and enhancements to scans and reports have been added to extract the best performance.

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