Request updated by multiple people? New User angle

Request updated by multiple people? New User angle


This may have been asked before but I dunno how to phrase a search lol 

What I would like is for a new starter form to be updatable by HR and the chosen line manager. 

The image shows it better, but HR don't know what folder/system/shared mailbox access a new starter in any given team (outside of HR), which is understandable I wouldn't expect them to know. But I don't want a delay from the line manager reading their emails delaying us getting the account set up and equipment ready to ship.

So what I'd like is for HR to go on the portal complete the parts in RED, then a notification sent to the manager saying complete this form, or click this link to add the required additional information. It means that we get the ticket straight away to get the enrolment stuff sorted whilst the manager gets notified to provide the additional information. 

Is there a way to achieve this? 


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