Request/Ticket creation through email & conversations to the request/ticket

Request/Ticket creation through email & conversations to the request/ticket

ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand supports request/ticket creation through email and the configuration is detailed in the help document :

Let's take a look at the behavior of how request/ticket is created through email & how conversations are appended to a request/ticket.
  1. A requester ["John"] sends an email to "" [which is configured under the Mail Server Settings-->Incoming Mail Settings --> Email Address].
  2. SDP OnDemand process the email and creates a new request/ticket, say "Request ID # 101".
  3. When an automated notification or technician sends out a manual reply, then an email will be sent to the requester "John" with the subject containing [Request ID :##101##] and the from email address will be as configured in Outgoing Mail Settings --> Reply-to Address. This automated notification or manual reply will be added as a conversation & marked with green mail icon as it was sent to the requester.
  4. When the requester replies to the above email from his email client, it will again be processed and will be identified as a conversation from the requester to an already existing request "Request ID # 101" based on the below identifiers :
    1. Title containing request id "[Request ID :##101##]"
    2. Based on email properties "Message-ID/In-Reply-To", which will be in email header and will be mapped/processed programmatically.
  5. This conversation from the requester will be marked with red mail icon, since it needs technician's notice.

Below are some of the scenarios where the email is not append as conversation, instead a new request is created:
  1. Email Subject/Title not containing request id [Request ID :##101##]
  2. No matching request is found for the request id [Request ID :##101##]
  3. When an email is sent to or from SDP OnDemand application, it maintains or links conversations using Message-ID/In-Reply-To" to the respective requests, when the "Message-ID/In-Reply-To" is not set by the email client or broken by sending emails without involving SDP OnDemand application, a new request is created.
  4. Requester or technician replying to an email[from their email client] which is not sent or triggered from the SDP OnDemand application.

Below are  s ome of the scenarios where more than 1 new request is being created :
  1. When sending an email to SDP OnDemand for new request creation, adding more than 1 group email id will create additional requests/tickets for each of the group email ids.
  2. When replying a request adding another group email id or adding more than 1 group email id in "cc" field
  3. Forwarding a request from SDP OnDemand to another group email id or adding more than 1 group email id in the "to" or "cc" field

Hope this explains the working of request/ticket creation through email & adding conversations to a request/ticket.

Kindly get back to us for any further details or  queries.

Thanks & Regards,
Saravana Balaji .S
SDP OnDemand Product Development Team