Request Custom Filter - Removal of Support for V1 API Operations

Request Custom Filter - Removal of Support for V1 API Operations

As part of the Request Custom Filter enhancements, we are removing support for the below V1 API Operations:

  1. View All requests [/sdpapi/request?OPERATION_NAME=GET_REQUESTS]

  2. View request filters [/sdpapi/request?OPERATION_NAME=GET_REQUEST_FILTERS]


We recommend customers to use the equivalent V3 REST API henceforth. The equivalent APIs are listed below.


1 . View All Requests (URL : /api/v3/requests)

In this example, the GET All Requests API is used, with a custom filter. Some more search parameters are added for filtering the results further.


input_data: {

"list_info": {

"row_count": 20,

"start_index": 1,

"sort_field": "subject",

"sort_order": "asc",

"get_total_count": true,

"search_fields": {

"subject": "New hire",

"": "high"


"filter_by": {

"id": "35"





"filter_by" Parameter

For the "filter_by" parameter, both "id" and "name" are supported for specifying the filter. Here, "name" is the internal name of the filter. For default filters, "internal name" and "filter name" are different. For example, the "Open Requests" filter has internal name as "Open_System" and filter name as an I18N (Internationalization) key. For custom filters, both "internal name" and "filter name" are the same.


2. View request filters (URL :/api/v3/list_view_filters/show_all?input_data=<Inputs in JSON Format>)

In this example, the GET ALL List View Filters API is used along with the "show_all" convenience operation in the URL.














Impacted Areas

Users would have to update their ServiceDesk Plus mobile applications to the latest versions after this release. This change does not impact the other integrated Manage Engine products. If any of your Business Rule or Custom Trigger scripts make use of the mentioned V1 APIs for listing Requests, they would be impacted. Any custom user interfaces or custom integrations that make use of the above mentioned V1 APIs would be impacted.





The above mentioned V1 API Operations are likely to be removed in next major release of ServiceDesk Plus. The V3 API for Get Requests already supports filtering by filter name. The V3 API for getting the list of available filters will be made available in the same release where the V1 APIs are removed. So, customers can start migrating the Get Requests operations to the newer V3 APIs right away for any custom scripts or integrations.



V3 API Documentation

Please refer to the link below for documentation on the Request V3 API, as well as sample inputs and responses.


For any questions, you may reach us via the Community Forums or, by sending us a mail at


Thank You.



Theodore R

ServiceDesk Plus