Reports on Dynamic Resource Groups

Reports on Dynamic Resource Groups

I'm attempting to generate a query report on dynamic resource groups to extract accounts, but am not getting any results.

Any help would be appreciated.

SQL query:

select RESOURCENAME AS "Resource Name",ANAME AS "Account Name",RGNAME AS "Resource Group"
from (select Ptrx_Resource.RESOURCEID AS RID,Ptrx_Resource.RESOURCENAME as RESOURCENAME,Ptrx_Account.LOGINNAME as ANAME,Ptrx_ResourceGroup.GROUPNAME as RGNAME
from  Ptrx_Account inner join Ptrx_Resource on Ptrx_Account.RESOURCEID = Ptrx_Resource.RESOURCEID inner join Ptrx_ResourceGroupMembers on Ptrx_Resource.RESOURCEID=Ptrx_ResourceGroupMembers.RESOURCEID inner join Ptrx_ResourceGroup on Ptrx_ResourceGroupMembers.GROUPID  = Ptrx_ResourceGroup.GROUPID inner join Ptrx_CriteriaGroup on Ptrx_ResourceGroup.GROUPID=Ptrx_CriteriaGroup.GROUPID inner join AaaLogin on AaaLogin.USER_ID=Ptrx_ResourceGroup.USERID where Ptrx_ResourceGroup.GROUPNAME = 'Enter group name' or Ptrx_ResourceGroup.GROUPNAME = 'Enter group name') as Ptrx_ResourceList
GROUP BY Ptrx_ResourceList.RESOURCENAME, Ptrx_ResourceList.ANAME, Ptrx_ResourceList.RGNAME

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