Reports - No Data Available

Reports - No Data Available

We have several domains integrated in AD SelfService for password expire notification and report of locked users.

In general it works as expected. But on one domain we always get "No Data Available" in reports
- Locked Out Users Report
- Password Expired Users Report

The domain setup was successfull without any error
Select OU in the reports shows all OUs of the domain.

In the "Soon-To-Expire Password Users Report" I can see accounts.

With Powershell command I can retrieve locked out accounts
Search-ADAccount –LockedOut

About or config:
In the domain password expire after 999 days and we have a password sessting set in "password setting container" for some accounts to expire after 60 days, And these should definilty show.

Furthermore we renamed the NETBIOS domain name at some time (AD SelfService has been configured after domain rename)

Are password setting respected by AD SelfService?
And why do the locked out Accounts do not show up?

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