Report Request - request replied to

Report Request - request replied to

I have a report request from our CEO.

"The intent of  the Recruitment Email Follow up report is to capture Team members sending a follow up email on a created request. " "Is there any way for the report to only show requests that have an email sent (reply/forward/resend) on an existing request?"

The following criteria are what is needed for the report:
    • Existing Request 
    • Status: In Recruitment 
    • Category: Contract
    • Email sent (reply/forward/resend) on existing request - (problem)
    • List number of request for each state
I had created this report using the 'last update date' field  (= today) But that pulls any update made to the request.

What is needed is when a request is replied to / forwarded / resent (=today) with the above. 

Is this possible?

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