[SDF-98513] Reply all and BCC in next release?

[SDF-98513] Reply all and BCC in next release?

In looking at the next release of SDP. I see there is 

  • Reply All option in request conversation and description sections
I hope this means that there are additional changes in the way SDP currently works. Currently, if there are CC'd recipients in the request when the technician clicks reply it adds them - it should not. It should work like outlook. SDP should only add all the CC'd recipients when 'reply all' is chosen - not when they select 'reply'.

Also - I see you added BCC that is great and needed. But I hope it doesn't BCC for send only. SDP should handle incoming BCC address as well and create a request if an email was sent to a support group from a BCC as long as there was a business rule that handled that. Of course there would need to be a BCC choice in business rules to create that.

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