Repeating Task Reminder

Repeating Task Reminder

So we have some techs in our environment that are only in SDP to complete some onboarding/offboarding task. However we have issue as some of them will let their task sit open for weeks to months at a time.

I'd like to get something set up where once a week, a trigger can go off that sends out a notification to any listed task owners that have pending task. I looked at the Task Reminder notification, and it's format would be great. But it only goes out once. And from all the custom triggers or task triggers, I don't see a way to define that I want only certain task owners to get the reminder.

And it would need to be only certain ones. If it sends out a reminder to everyone with a task, I wouldn't be allowed to implement the feature as many people would get dozens and dozens of notifications at the same time.

Are there any options for something like this?

We are currently on 11.3 Build 11303 but will be moving to 11308 here soon.