Remote Office Detection criteria Improvement

Remote Office Detection criteria Improvement

Hi Team,

We been using Desktop central product for over a year and came across one small issue.this issue is related to detection Remote office. When we define scope in scope management and when DC agent\laptop receive IP address in defined scopt then it considers as that computer belongs to that perticular office but its not true all the time. 

Real world scenario.

Remote office has 192.168.1.X IP address with Distribution Server installated in that network.
As you aware that most of the home internet router IP address is set to same range as 192.168.1.X.

Not all organisation has 192.168.1.X range but in some cases, like branch office which are small may have this type of IP set.

When 192.168.1.x is detected by DC agent it gives wrong remote office location. Since home and office network subnet is in the same range. This create issue during patch deployment i believe, that system is trying to get patches from Distribiution server? I dont have concrete evidance on this but main point is that detection of remote office should have one more parameter like DNS server IP address in Scope of Mangement or Agent should check if it can reach to Distribution server, if not then it should consider that its outside the network.

I tried to check with Support and as per them, its future request and dont know how long it will take to have this type of feature. 
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