Remote Control - Issues/Agent Connectivity

Remote Control - Issues/Agent Connectivity


We have Desktop Central 9 setup and we have our primary server IP as the LAN Address and the secondary as the external IP. We find that when we go to carry out remote control sessions, the users computer is showing as online, but when we try to connect the agent immediately shows as offline. Many of our users are remote and off our domain so i need to ensure that remote control is working (where possible as we cannot control 3rd party firewalls)

The agent then comes back online after a few minutes.

My query is:

  1. Should the "Server IP" for the agent be our internal address or the external address?
  2. If the above should be the external IP, can i easily change this and will it automatically update all currently installed Agents?
  3. Is there a way to increase the heartbeat from the server to the agents, so rather than checking agents every 2 minutes, it could check every 1 minute?

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