Release announcement: Build 5150

Release announcement: Build 5150

Hello everyone, 

We are happy to announce the release of Analytics Plus build 5150, which brings an exciting new integration and various other updates.  

1. Introducing advanced analytics for AssetExplorer: Analytics Plus seamlessly integrates with ManageEngine AssetExplorer to provide comprehensive insights across each stage of asset management.

2. Support for data alert notifications on Slack and Microsoft Teams: You can now trigger threshold violations on Slack and Microsoft Teams channels, to stay notified of critical business changes. 

3. Upgraded ServiceDesk Plus authentication mechanism: Analytics Plus now uses OAuth authentication to integrate with ServiceDesk Plus, to facilitate enhanced security. 

4. Enhancements to Google Ads' authentication process: To configure the integration between Analytics Plus and Google Ads, you now require a developer token from the Google Ads manager account. 

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