Release announcement: Build 4700

Release announcement: Build 4700

Hey everyone! 

We're happy to announce the release of our latest version of Analytics Plus build 4700, which offers exciting import options and several other features. 

1.  Import data from Template files :  Analytics Plus now allows you to copy reports, dashboards and tables from one workspace or installation to another. 


2.  Import data from Analytics Plus workspaces You can also import data from one Analytics Plus workspace to another from the Import your Data screen.

3.  Customize forecasting models You can now customize the mathematical models involved in forecasting your data.

4.  Introducing Viewer mode:  This mode removes edit/modify action buttons from the UI, thereby setting up reports and dashboards for a clutter-free view-only experience.

5. Enhancements to charts:
The following enhancements have been made to charts: 
  • When a chart has multiple axes, you can now choose to merge specific axes. 

  • You can now apply various effects on your chart to modify its overall appearance. 

6. Expand and collapse user filtersYou can now expand and collapse the user filters in your dashboards. 

7. Enhanced user interface: There are also several minor enhancements in the Analytics Plus user interface, designed to enhance your experience.

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