RecoveryManager Plus rolls out Build 5350

RecoveryManager Plus rolls out Build 5350

Hello, Everyone!
We are glad to release the latest version of RecoveryManager Plus build 5350 which comes with enhancements to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Important product update: 
The virtual machine and Windows Server backup modules will only be available to customers who have already purchased licenses for those modules. Existing customers can continue to use and receive technical support for those modules until their license expires after which the license cannot be renewed.


GDPR compliance update:

In accordance with the GDPR compliance mandate, the following changes have been made to the product:

1. Passwords stored in the database are encrypted using bcrypt algorithm.

2. Database access is restricted with a password.

3. Sensitive information such as email server and email addresses in connection settings are masked in the product UI.

Active Directory:

1. You can now import multiple custom attributes that you need to back up using a CSV file.

2. The number of custom attributes that you can back up has been increased from 31 to 2,000.

Bug fixes:

1. A stored Cross-Site-Scripting XSS Vulnerability has been fixed.

Existing customers can click here to upgrade to the latest build by downloading the RecoveryManager Plus service pack.

New customers can click here to download the new build.

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