RecoveryManager Plus Build 4120 Released !

RecoveryManager Plus Build 4120 Released !

Hi Everyone,

We are glad to announce the release of RecoveryManager Plus Build 4120 !

Check out new feature included in 4120 Build.

New Features:

DNS object backup and recovery:         RecoveryManager Plus now allows you to backup DNS zones and DNS nodes in addition to Users, Computers, Contacts and Groups. Using this feature, you can easily track your domain's DNS configuration changes and back it up for easy restoration in case of any disaster.

Exchange attributes backup and recovery:         We have now extended User,Contact and Group objects' backup to include exchange attributes as well. With this update, RecoveryManager Plus now allows you to track and query changes made to Mailbox Users, Distribution Groups, Mail Users and Mail Contacts. You can also perform scheduled and incremental backups of exchange related attributes, also restore or rollback these changes, either partially or completely.

Click here to download the complete build: 

We highly appreciate your feedback on this release and thank you for the continuous support


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