[Recap 2023] Wrapping up this year with the all-new ADManager Plus!

[Recap 2023] Wrapping up this year with the all-new ADManager Plus!

This year, ADManager Plus has transformed into a comprehensive identity governance and administration solution, offering features designed to streamline identity management, enhance security, and bolster compliance efforts. Below, you'll find a list of the key features we introduced this year.

  • Identity risk assessment: Identifies security gaps in your AD environment using risk scores and threat indicators.

  • Access certification campaigns: Facilitates reviewing and validating entitlements of user and groups to organisational resources.

  • Azure Active Directory backup and recovery: Enables backup and restoration of the Azure AD environment.

  • Inter-forest migration: Supports inter-forest migration of User, Group, Contacts and GPOs.

  • Workflow with SLA: Efficiently handles workflow tasks with SLA, ensuring timely actions on requests.

Upgrade to the latest build to avail these features.

The Identity Risk Assessment and Access Certification features are included in our Risk and Compliance add-on, which is currently offered as complimentary with the Professional Edition of ADManager Plus until December 31, 2023. If your ADManager Plus license is near expiration, you can renew here.

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