Questions about renaming and about subnets

Questions about renaming and about subnets

I'm interested in buying OS Deployer, I have two questions, first at the college I work at we have multiple partitions
labeled for example for one room:

Computer 1                     Computer 2
N905-01                           N905-02
N905P1-01                      N905P1-02
N905P2-01                      N905P2-02
N905P3-01                      N905P3-02
N905P4-01                      N905P4-02
N905P5-01                      N905P5-02
N906P6-01                      N905P6-02

And so on all the way to computer 24. How can I setup to rename the partitions if possible or it cannot do it

If I do N905P{0}-{01} will it do every partition properly they way I wrote above or it will just rename every partition N905P0-01?

Also, we have 14 rooms any every room has a different subnets. If I'm for example if I'm on my computer in room N928 with subnet 10.10.110.XX and then I want to deploy an image in room N905 with subnet 10.10.90.XX will OS Deployer see the computer and start the image or will it not see it, or does it only go by MAC Addresses regardless or different subnets?


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