Question on Advanced Threat Analytics

Question on Advanced Threat Analytics

Greetings All,
I have a question about the Advanced Threat Analytics.  I see in my Alerts a lot of "Malicious Source(s) detected" and yet the IP addresses seem to be benign.  Case in point is I see the below alert a lot but it looks like a false positive.  How is this score derived and is there a way to find out why this IP has such a bad reputation score?

filterlog : Malicious Source(s) detected : Log Message : 8,,,1000104533,mvneta2,match,block,in,4,0x0,,247,54321,0,none,6,tcp,40,,,40872,443,0,S,3116141112,,65535,,

City : Reston
State : Virginia
Region : Mid Atlantic
Country : United States
IP belongs to : Verisign Global Registry Services
Organisation's ISP : Verisign Global Registry Services
Top level domain : com
Second level domain : nstld
Latitude : 38.96097
Longitude : -77.34247

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