Question about upgrade process

Question about upgrade process

I've been tasked with bringing our PMP installation up to date. We are currently running 10405, so I have a few upgrades to apply. When going to the download page I see there's an 'Upgrade Pack' link and a 'Direct Installation' link. Hovering the mouse pointer over 'Upgrade Pack' reveals nothing but over 'Direct Installation' it shows High Availability (HA) Installation'.

Our current PMP deployment is HA enabled (2 windows servers using PostgreSQL). I assume I should select the 'Direct Installation' Link which basically opens a page showing the PPM and both Windows and Linux binaries. But while the downloads page above has instructions on applying upgrade packs, there's nothing about upgrading via the 'Direct Installation' download. Which files do I download from 'Direct Installation' and how do I then apply the update? If anyone could clarify this for me it would be greatly appreciated.

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