Query to get Software Summary info

Query to get Software Summary info

Version : 10609


SELECT wssl.SOFTWARENAME AS "Software Name", swmfg.NAME AS "Manufacturer", wmiswui.SOFTWAREUSAGE AS "Software Usage", wsst.SOFTWARETYPE AS "Software Type", wssc.SOFTWARECATEGORY AS "Software Category", wssct.COMPLIANCETYPE AS "Compliance Type" FROM SystemInfo workstation INNER JOIN SoftwareInfo wssinfo ON workstation.WORKSTATIONID=wssinfo.WORKSTATIONID INNER JOIN SoftwareList wssl ON wssinfo.SOFTWAREID=wssl.SOFTWAREID LEFT JOIN SoftwareManufacturer swmfg ON wssl.SWMANUFACTURERID=swmfg.SWMANUFACTURERID INNER JOIN SoftwareType wsst ON wssl.SOFTWARETYPEID=wsst.SOFTWARETYPEID INNER JOIN SoftwareCategory wssc ON wssl.SOFTWARECATEGORYID=wssc.SOFTWARECATEGORYID LEFT JOIN SWComplianceDetails swcd ON wssl.SOFTWAREID=swcd.SOFTWAREID INNER JOIN SWComplianceType wssct ON swcd.SWCOMPLIANCETYPEID=wssct.SWCOMPLIANCETYPEID LEFT JOIN WmiSWUsageInfo wmiswui ON wssinfo.SOFTWAREINFOID=wmiswui.SOFTWAREINFOID where wsst.SOFTWARETYPE like '%UnIdentified%' or wsst.SOFTWARETYPE like '%Managed%'

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