Professional license cannot delete default service categories

Professional license cannot delete default service categories

It's impossible to delete default service categories if the license is set to Professional for an IT instance since request templates are prepopulated and cannot be removed.

Attachment "delete_error.png" shows the error message in the bottom right when trying to delete a service category. This error occurrs even if all Incident, Task, Reply and Resolution template has been deleted, since there are still request templates linked to the service category - but request templates cannot be deleted if the customer does not have a license covering that module.

Attachemnt "missing_nav.png" shows that the top bar navigation is missing.

If we disassociate the Professional license the top bar becomes visible and we are now able to see what templates are blocking the deletion of service categories; Request templates. See attachment "request_templates.png".

However, the issue cannot be resolved because nothing can be changed when there is no license associated with the instance - and applying the Professional license again hides the top bar so request templates cannot be deleted. Catch22.