[Product update] Insightful new reports and SSO for ManageEngine apps now available in ADSelfService Plus

[Product update] Insightful new reports and SSO for ManageEngine apps now available in ADSelfService Plus

Hello Everyone,

We are glad to announce the release of ADSelfService Plus' latest build, 6407.
  • New reports for deeper insights: ADSelfService Plus now offers fourteen new reports that provide deeper insights on user behavior pertaining to MFA usage and self-service actions.

               ➤ MFA Audit Reports: This section provides comprehensive reports that audit all user actions related to enrollment and MFA, including MFA usage from mobile devices, MFA failure reports, browsers and devices trusted for MFA, and the utilization of backup codes.

               ➤ Password Self-Service Reports: This section offers insights into users' password self-service actions, including password resets, the delivery of password expiry notifications, account unlocks, and information on current and previously blocked users.

               ➤ Agent Reports: This section offers information pertaining to the installation of the login agent on machines in the domain. These reports were previously available under the GINA/Mac/Linux Installation section of the product console.

  • SSO for ManageEngine applications: Provide one-click, secure, passwordless access to ManageEngine applications like Endpoint Central, ADAudit Plus, PAM360, and more, through SAML SSO.


  • ADSelfService Plus now allows the configuration of RADIUS response attributes that determine the user groups or roles for VPN connections, or other purposes.

  • Conditional Access policies can now be applied to VPN connections protected by MFA.

  • Enrollment Notifications sent via SMS can now be configured for users opting for Quick Enrollment.

  • ADSelfService Plus now allows admins to have granular control over the notifications generated for different enrollment or self-service actions.

  • Admins can now receive notifications about unsuccessful user access attempts.

  • Users are now restricted from enrolling for MFA using an email or mobile number that has already been used for enrollment by another user.

  • Policy Names and Conditional Access Rules pertaining to users attempting MFA are now audited, and can be viewed as part of MFA audit reports.

  • The Password Synchronization feature now supports Oracle's multitenant architecture.

  • Admins can now configure soon-to-expire password SMS notifications for users' secondary mobile numbers.

    Users' linked accounts can now be automatically unlocked upon successful password resets.

  • Email notifications can now be sent to administrators when ADSelfService Plus restarts after a downtime period.

How do I update to this build?
Update using the service pack.
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