Procedure for resetting a User using Authenticator

Procedure for resetting a User using Authenticator

Here is the procedure I use when there's a mismatch/error when usingt an Authenticator:
1)  In the cellphone Authenticator, remove the User's account.
2) Run ADSS Reports / Enrollment Reports / Enrolled Users Report
3) Checkbox the User.  A Disenroll/Trashcan icon will appear at the top of the list.  Click it.
4) Confirm that User is now in the ADSS Reports / Enrollment Reports / Not Enrolled Users Report
5) Log the User onto a computer.  In the ADSS dialog, select the method to be used for MFA.
6) For Authenticators, a QR code appears.  Scan it with the selected Authenticator in (5).
7) A new account for the User will appear in the Authenticator and present a code.
8) The computer dialog will request that code.  Enter it.  This will logon the User.

I wish there were a simpler method.  At least THIS method doesn't require deleting the Authenticator which, if it has lots of accounts ..... Oh My!

Today I had this fail with Microsoft Authenticator so switched to Google Authenticator and was successful.
I wonder what that suggests....?

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