problems with SNMP MIB Browser

problems with SNMP MIB Browser


I am facing two problems  while using  Manage Engine MIB Browser Free tool. A help on this would be appreciated.

Back Ground:

Trying to connect to a DMS device  and doing a SNMP walk on the variables. DMS Device is  enabled on "Central" mode  which enables SNMP Agent to connect.These walks are done with version setting to v1

1. dmsMessageTable  information incomplete:

  -> The device has been set with 5 different message but when I do a walk on the dmsMessageTable I can see only two message.
     a. permanent CAUTION Message
     b. BLANK Message
It should show all the message in the table.

2. Changing the SNMP Version 3
    -> while changing  the version to 3 I am getting "discover for user xyz failed" here xyz is my user

->xyz user exists on the device.

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