Problem with restoring a backup

Problem with restoring a backup


I have problem with restoring Password Manager on different server (I want to test If backup is working).
I can see this message in logs:

[com.adventnet.db.adapter.postgres.PostgresDBAdapter]|[WARNING]|[1]: Identifier [pgsql_identifiers.txt] file not exist for this database|

[com.adventnet.mfw.PatchUpdater]|[WARNING]|[1]: The 'fixes' directory is missing. Product loads the jar(s) without PATCH|

In Command Prompt after I entered command for restore I can see message:

Restore DB Started

File Name: XXX_11300.ezip

Problem while restoring db

PMP Version: 11300
I tried on x86 and x64 version (x86 should be correct) 

I would be grateful for help
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