Problem switching from trial to free license

Problem switching from trial to free license


I have only 1 device, well below the 25 devices limit.
The trial period is over, and I'm presented with the screen to migrate the only device I have to free edition, which I selected, register, and confirm yes, and ... nothing. The web interface remains at the confirmation dialogue.

I checked the server logs, specifically the catalina_0.txt and noticed "there was insufficient free space available after evicting expired cache entries" error, so I added cachingAllowed=true and cacheMaxSize=51200 to server.xml under MDMSever\conf
The error no longer come up in the catalina log, but it still doesnt' resolve the problem moving to free license.

Here's my server info from server_info.props in the logs folder
server.os=Windows 10
installation.dir=C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\MDMServer
build.number=101230502 User
license.evaluation.days=0 12 31
db.version=PostgreSQL 10.21
db.arch= 64-bit

Please advise.

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