Prevent numeric search of Request switching from "Default Search" to "Request ID" search

Prevent numeric search of Request switching from "Default Search" to "Request ID" search


One small bugbear of our team is how a search within the Requests module sometimes causes the search option to switch from "Default Search" to "Request ID" search. This only happens when entering a numeric value in the search box, as SDP is trying to find a matching Request with that number. The downside of this is that it fails to search requests for this number in any other fields, or in the body of the request's description.

From the Request main page (with the application URL ending "/"), any numeric search will cause the search option to switch to "Request ID" as shown below, even if it was previously set to "Default Search":

Once in this 'state', the search option remains set at "Request ID" until the technician changes it. Once in this state, the behaviour of the search becomes as follows:
  1. If searching for a text string, a normal search is carried out and many results can be returned, where the text appears in the request subject, body etc. (i.e. the "Request ID" search option is ignored)
  2. If searching for a number, i.e. any other reference that is NOT a Request ID, then no results will be found - the system is ONLY searching for Request IDs as per the option set.
This often means we cannot find any tickets by other reference numbers, until we remember to switch the search option back to "Default Search" manually. Given that we frequently receive support requests related to our business applications which contain order numbers, invoice numbers etc. this is frustrating for us - and perhaps others.

After the user sets the option "Default Search" manually, any subsequent numeric search values will continue to perform a "Default Search" as desired. But as soon as the user navigates away and comes back to the main "Requests" tab, any new numeric search will again switch the search option to "Request ID".

From our point of view this is undesirable behaviour and we would be grateful if an option could be made available to prevent this. (Perhaps in a larger environment it may make sense for performance reasons.)

Any feedback appreciated, thanks in advance :)

We are currently using OnPrem build 14104.

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