PMP Support and documentation issues

PMP Support and documentation issues

So far my experience with PMP support has been very poor. You can NEVER get someone on the phone, instead the toll free number for the US simply lets you sit listening to music for 6 minutes and sends you to voice mail every time.

Even more embarrassing, the DID number listed on the Password Manager Pro website for support (1-408-454-4014) is actually disconnected. Seriously.

Which pretty much relegates you to email, were a simple exchange can take days because of how slow they are to reply.

The PMP docs often have inaccuracies or don't go into enough details. Sometimes they even fail to state vital info. For example, we recently found out from PMP Support, after the PMP service in our primary stopped and a user complained about not being able to retrieve a password on the secondary,) that in a HA deployment users cannot checkout passwords on the PMP secondary server if access control is enabled. Sure, there's a workaround involving manually editing a config file, they say, but that opens another set of issues that would burden our support folks since passwords would then remain checked out indefinitely, even if the primary comes back online, until a PMP admin manually checks it in. This info is nowhere to be found on the documentation, which is really disappointing.

I'm going for about a week now back and forth with support and I'm still haven't been able to close the issue we're having with HA replication not happening. Even after we decided to not have a secondary anymore and forgo HA, the instructions given to us to remove the HA config (default postgreSQL deployment) appear incomplete as the primary server HA status page is still aware of the secondary and simply reports HA as still configured but inactive rather than not configured.

If someone in the community has successfully removed HA from their postgreSQL deployment, please let me know what steps you took to do it. I've asked PMP support to confirm the steps they sent me but that reply might take yet another day and I'm really tired of dealing with that.
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