Periodic Sync Issue between AnalyticsPlus and SDP-MSP / SDP / SCP

Periodic Sync Issue between AnalyticsPlus and SDP-MSP / SDP / SCP

Dear All,

We would like to bring to your attention an issue that has been affecting the periodic synchronisation between SDP-MSP/ SDP/ SCP, and AnalyticsPlus. While the resynchronization process (Manual Resync) is working as expected, scheduled syncs have been encountering some difficulties. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this might have caused at your end.

Reason for the Schedule Sync Failure:

The root cause of the sync failure is identified as due to an improper response fetched for authtoken during an API request between the applications. This is identified as an issue within the SDP MSP / SDP / SCP products which affects the scheduled sync process with Analytics Plus.

Affected build:

ServiceDesk Plus:14306,14500,14501,14502,14503
ServiceDesk Plus MSP: 14306, 14500, 14501 14502, 14503
SuppotCentral Plus: 14305, 14500, 14501, 14502, 14503


To resolve this issue in the current builds of SDP MSP / SDP / SCP, we have created a "fjar" file that needs to be placed in the "<ServiceDeskPlus Home>/fixes" directory. After this, it is essential to restart the ServiceDeskPlus (respective) service. You can find the required "fjar" file in the attachment.

Who should apply the fix: 

If you have integrated SDP MSP / SDP /SCP with Analytics Plus and if they are in the above mentioned builds, please proceed to apply this fix(attached). 

Fixed in 14504 (SDP-MSP/ SDP/ SCP)

For any additional details or assistance, please reach out to us at

Gowtham Subramaniam

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