Performance Suggestions

Performance Suggestions

Good afternoon,

I have recently began standing up my Log360 server with m365 manager plus, eventlog analyzer, Log360UEBA, Data Security Plus running off the same physical hardware. It has been up for about a week.

I purchased a Dell PowerEdge R7255 with 128 GB of ram and AMD EPYC 7713P 64-Core Processor.  I am thinking my bottleneck is probably my data storage drive.  It is connected via a Perc H745 Raid Controller. It is Seagate 7e8 8tb drive but it is a single drive. Just did not have a budget to go full SSD when I purchased a server. The WebUI for both Log360 and Eventlog Analyzer is does take a significant amount of time to load the dashboard and reports, the search functionality can be frustratingly slow as well often throughout the day. I anticipate that this sluggish will certainly continue to increase as I continue to add more log sources. There are times throughout the day the WebUI is so slow to load that I need to restart the services to get back into the UI. Overall I am really loving the ease of use of Log360 and all of the integrations I have but I do want a make sure I can improve the performance so that I can see the benefits better. 

Is there any other performace suggestions that you would recommend?

Would me purchasing an two additional 8tb drives and configuring them RAID 0 striped if that would a suitable compromise in lieu of one large SSD?  Then I could use the additional single 8 TB hard drive as a backup storage drive in additional to our SAN backups.

I know their is a distributed edition but that is outside my budget at this time so I need try to use this server for as much of the product that I can.

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