Perform Full/Metadata scan

Perform Full/Metadata scan

Hello All,

I am currently trialing this Datasecurity plus software. Currently I am interested in the File Analysis information. When I installed the software and got it setup I only added 1 drive from my file server containing about 700GB of data. I did this because I was not sure what the load would be on my file server. I have since decided to add another drive to the configuration. However since I added another drive the reporting data is only containing the original drive data. I can see the agent is running and everything there looks to be fine. I can manually scan in the agent page and this is successful but I get no new data. I see that a full/Metadata scan has only ran once. That was when I installed the software. So is this the reason I am not seeing any new data and if so how to I get another full/Metadata scan to happen?


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