Passwords do not rotate

Passwords do not rotate

The objective of the client is to create domain accounts on the machines that are administrators of the final resource but that do not have privileges and that are rotated, in this way if a problem occurs they can always go to the domain controller and change the password manually and solve it.

The connection to the machines works correctly with the created users, but when rotating or scheduling rotation of the passwords of those accounts it is NOT done (attached capture of the error that leads by email to the account added by the client in the rotation process). With local accounts when rotating it works correctly:

 The resources have been created to test all the cases, such as Windows Domain or Windows and in any case it fails. (see image)

In the logs you will be able to obtain more information about why it is failing but given the error that indicates that "the agent is not installed", may it be necessary to install the following PMP agent on the end servers?:(see image)

Can you confirm if it is possible with PMP to rotate domain accounts instead of local resource accounts? Is it necessary to create Windows Domain as a resource name?


If it were for this reason, could you please give us instructions on how to carry out the steps that must be carried out for its correct operation?

Thank you!