Password Requirements on Change/Reset Password Pages

Password Requirements on Change/Reset Password Pages

Hello -

We're in the process of updating the password requirements for the domain we have ADSSP sync'd to (8 to 12 char minimum, 90 day change cycle, etc.).

As it sits, the existing page doesn't even match our current policy.  We were under the impression that if we didn't have the Password Policy Enforcer option enabled, it should display the password requirements from our linked domain policy.  Apparently that's not the case though. 

We could enable the PPE option and configure it to match our domain requirements but that adds an extra layer of complexity that we'd rather not have.  We just want our users to be able to see what the current password requirements are and have that be enforced by the domain. With that, is there some where that we can modify what's displaying on the page by default?  A config or html file perhaps?