Our SIEM Podcast series is now live! Tune in now.

Our SIEM Podcast series is now live! Tune in now.


We are happy to announce the launch of our security information and event management (SIEM) podcast series where our experts share their take on the role of SIEM solutions in strengthening the overall security of your network.

In this series, Harish, technology evangelist at ManageEngine, and Sid, cybersecurity expert at ManageEngine, explain how imperative it is to aggregate and analyze all events across your network with a SIEM solution. They reveal the ways to spot threats, mitigate attacks, implement tips and tricks to prevent data leaks, and much more. They also share their insights on securing a hybrid Active Directory (AD) environment.


We have five episodes available now that you can listen to at your convenience.


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Here's a sneak-peek of what goes into each episode.


Episode 1:

Hybrid Active Directory: The directory services that are being hunted

Harish explains in detail why securing your hybrid AD environment is key to ensuring the overall security of your IT environment. By listening to this episode, you can also discover the five crucial areas you need to focus on in your security strategy.


Episode 2:

Monitoring your network for security incidents

In this episode, Sid shares his insights on the fundamentals of security monitoring. He addresses the benefits of configuring real-time alerts based on events in your environment.

Sid talks in details about how data from your servers, endpoints, printers, databases, applications, and crucial data from your AD environment can be aggregated and processed by the SIEM solution. You'll learn the nitty-gritty about logon and logoff activities, changes to objects, groups, computers, and more.

Episode 3:

The top threats in cloud computing that disrupt business continuity

The third episode in the series features Harish sharing his take on the top threats in cloud platform that pose business continuity challenges.

As cloud adoption increases, so does the possibility of cyberattacks. In this episode, you will discover how factors such as unsecured interfaces and APIs, account hijacking, and inadequate change control could leave your cloud environment vulnerable. You'll also learn about the measures you can take to ensure the overall security of your cloud environment.


Episode 4:

Techniques to analyze log data

In this penultimate episode, Sid shares his thoughts on how event correlation and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) play a key role in negating attacks.

He explains how event correlation helps establish a common pattern between several individual events, correlating them to present a holistic view, instead of several individual events. He also reveals how this technique, combined with the incident management system, lets you remediate the threat immediately.


Episode 5:

Cybersecurity cookbook: How to ensure organizational security

In the final episode of our SIEM podcast series, Harish and Sid participate in an engaging conversation on the measures to enhance the security of your organization. They highlight how securing your hybrid AD environment, monitoring your cloud environment, employing a data loss prevention solution to prevent data leaks, etc. will go a long way in elevating the security posture of your environment.


We hope you find this podcast series informative, and we would love to know your thoughts about it. Please send any comments, feedback, or questions to podcasts@manageengine.com.


Happy listening.

ManageEngine IT Security team.

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