OS Deployer & Intune Enrolment via Autopilot

OS Deployer & Intune Enrolment via Autopilot

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to automate the enrolment of a Windows laptop new build (by OS Deployer) via Autopilot, Azure AD Hybrid joined?

We have an existing OS deployment process (non-EPC OSD) which uses a cmd file and PS script to gather the hash ID, connect to the tenancy (using a secret) and registers the device in Autopilot. We then kick off the Windows Autopilot process by hitting the Windows key a few times during the welcome screen. The machine registers in Intune, assigns polices and deployed assigned applications etc. 

I now need to replicate this process in EPC OSD. Having a few issues as checking if anyone has had any sucesss building a new laptop and enrolling into Intune via Autopilot.


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