OpManager Trial - Printer Monitoring & Odd Custom Dial Results

OpManager Trial - Printer Monitoring & Odd Custom Dial Results

Im in the process of running an OpManager trial, im looking for a single pane of glass solution to monitor our environment.

I'm slowly getting my head around the system, server management is looking good - the heat map status is exactly what im looking for.

I'm trying to put together a custom dash for Printer Management, i'd like it to contain the heat map for printers which i have working and the current status of the customer OID's im pulling out.

At the moment im pulling out Toner % Remaining, Imaging Kit % Remaining & Maintenance Kit % Remaining. I have the alert levels set and working (<30% / <20%, <10%) which works well for the heat map.

This is where things get odd, the custom dials do not adhere to the alert levels set - ie i have a printer with 0% toner, its flagged as critical in the monitor but the custom dial shows it as 0% but green?

Back on Printer dashboard i would like to display the top 10 printers by least amount of toner available, i've tried to generate reports to then attach however all i get is 'no data available'.

Is it also possible to import other OID info into the device details? So that when i click on the device and i see the status, IPAddress, DNS Name, Uplink Dependancy, Vendor etc I would also like to see additional fields like Serial Number, MAC Address, Model etc. I know the OID's for these but i do not see a method to update the device type to look for these fields.
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