OpManager Group Alarm

OpManager Group Alarm


We are using OpManager Groups to filter out different types of Devices, Servers, Routers, Switches etc. We are also having a Group, named Monitored Devices, that we use to filter the needed Groups/Devices that we actually want Alarms for, having showed in Dashboards etc. - The rest (not in Monitored Devices) are in OpManager to audit when they are up/down when needed, but no alarms or action to be taken.

Well the case is - Whenever we have a device eg a Router down - We get 3 alarms. 1 the Router Down, 1 for the Router Group and 1 for the Monitored Devices Group.

Basically  we donĀ“t want alarms for Groups them selves, only the devices - Are there any way to disable Alarms for the Groups them selves (not for the members in the Group) ?

NB We need the Grouping for filtering devices in Dashboards, etc

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