OpManager Enterprise : Generic question for a begginer

OpManager Enterprise : Generic question for a begginer

Hello everyone,

I start with OPM, I hope to have your indulgence. I have a few questions and problems for which a little help would be appreciated.

1) My infrastructure has over 2,000 devices and I've been told that a probe should have no more than 1,000 to work efficiently. So I chose to have one central + three probes.
Is there a difference between having separate databases (OPMCentral, OPMProbe1, Probe2,...) or can I just have two? (Central + Probes) or one ?

2) VmWARE srm :
I am encountering an issue on the first attempt to monitor our vmware environment. I have duplicated devices.
The product count as twice the SRM devices currently OFF (more than 300). I did not find a way to prevent that.
If anyone know a solution ?
I have split the vmware monitoring between my probes (prod/dr/uat + dev)

3) My DMZ do not allow the resolution throught the IP (but i can do it by the name). Its only 40 servers and i can custom it manually. But i want to know if there is another way to dit it automatically

Thanks in advance for your feedbacks :).

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