Office 365 mailbox delegation -2

Office 365 mailbox delegation -2

In the previous post, we saw how to generate a report on Office 365 mailbox delegates and how to manage them in bulk easily with O365 Manager Plus. This week we will see how to audit the activities of mailbox delegates easily with O365 Manager Plus.

Audit activities of mailbox delegates

O365 Manager Plus provides a default audit profile called Activities by Mailbox Delegates which provides one click access to the required audit data.

Note: Auditing must be enabled for mailboxes to view the audit log. Hence identify the auditing disabled mailboxes and enable mailbox auditing .

Steps to view the default audit profile

1. Go to the  Audit tab. 
2. In the left pane, choose Exchange Online -->  Exchange Activity  -->  Activities by Mailbox Delegates.
3. Choose the Delegate Activity tab found at the top of the data table.


You can also create a new audit profile yourself using these steps.


Steps to create an audit profile

1. Go to the  Admin tab.
2. Select  Audit Configuration → Audit Profiles in the left pane.
3. Click  Add Profile .
4. In the profile configuration page,
  • Provide a profile name (Eg: Audit Mailbox delegates) and description of your choice.  
  • Choose Exchange Online from the Office 365 Service drop-down list
  • Choose Exchange Online Activities from the Category drop-down list. 
  • Select the actions that must be audited from the Actions drop-down list. Multiple actions can be selected. 
  • Select Target Callers (one who performs the action). You can either select All or click Custom to select users of your choice. 
  • Select the Target Objects (object on which the action must be performed). You can either select All or click Custom to select users of your choice. 
  • NOTE: Both Target Callers and Target Objects can either be users, groups or both. 
  • When you select custom users/groups for both Target Callers and Target Objects, you can select the desired Target Criteria, which is explained below. 
  • Click Add.


5. Now you will be taken to the  Configure Profile page, where you can see the profile you created (Audit Mailbox Delegates) listed in the table along with other profiles. Click  View Report in the  Reports column to view the consolidated report.



The profile you have created now, shows all the mailbox activities. To view the activities of delegates alone, you have to filter the data based on logon type. For delegates, the logon type value is 2. You can save this filter setting as a new view so that you don't have to configure the filter settings everytime.

Note: Target Criteria:

Callers AND Targets: The report will be generated when both the target and caller of the selected action matches with any of the selected targets and callers respectively.

Callers OR Targets: The report will be generated when either the target or caller of the selected action matches with the selected targets or callers respectively.

Steps to create a view for Audit Mailbox Delegates 

1. After you click the View Report [Refer Step (5) of the previous section] , click the filter icon found at the top of the data table. 


 2. Configure the filter condition as shown in the image below. 


3. Click Generate.

4. The result will show the activities of mailbox delegates. Click  Save to save this filter setting with a custom name. (Eg: Activities by delegates)
5. You can access the view you have created in the audit tab. eg: Audit tab -->Audit Mailbox Delegates form the left pane--> Activities by delegates tab.

For more details on the feature offered by O365 Manager Plus, click here.