Offboarding\Onboarding - Working backwards from end date?

Offboarding\Onboarding - Working backwards from end date?

I'm struggling to see how we can use the built in features of SDP Cloud for onboarding and offboarding.  END dates are always known.

Currently our onboarding and offboarding templates have tasks, with specific technicians assigned to said these tasks.  Once created we use a trigger and custom function to set the scheduled end date and scheduled start date for these associated tasks.  We want to vary these individual task scheduled end dates and make them to a minimum "scheduled end" X number of days before the request is due (or scheduled to end).  We aren't using the "SLA" feature of SDP Cloud that would automatically assign due dates based on the matrix.  We literally just deployed, I don't want to complicate matters by a system setting the wrong "due date" so this is all a work in progress…..

I'm struggling to see how SDP Cloud works to "move back" from a specific date, for due dates\scheduled end times.  It's like the SLAs don't work backwards, only forwards. Our department is about 5 technicians for 250 users, and we are very service oriented, not that typical "did you put it in a ticket and the SLA says we have 3 days to do it, I don't care if you need it tomorrow" type of department.  So please keep this in mind.

Any thoughts on how we could make use of built in features in manage engine and not complicate things with tons of custom functions or triggers?  We are open to change as this is very new to us.  Curious how others have managed the onboarding and offboarding recently as a lot of what I'm finding is is either many years old, or for on prem.

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