O365 Manager Plus - 4305 released with 26 new audit actions!

O365 Manager Plus - 4305 released with 26 new audit actions!

Hello Everybody!
We are glad to announce the release of the latest build of O365 Manager Plus – 4305. This build comes with the following features.


  • New mailbox audit actions: O365 Manager Plus now audits 26 new actions on Exchange Online mailboxes which include changes to mailbox audit settings, client access settings, litigation hold settings, and 
  • Advanced audit and alert filters: Configure audit and alert profiles to fetch granular data based on event properties and business hours.
    • Property-based filter: Filter audit logs based on time, actor, target, result, IP address, and other properties of an event.
    • Business hours-based filter: Configure business hours in the tool to filter audit logs based on it. Create alerts for critical actions happening in the Office 365 setup during business or non-business hours, as required.


  • Archive History report now shows the time stamp of the oldest and latest log present in an archive file.
  • Mailbox Retention Policy, Password Changed Users, Mailbox Storage Info, and other reports can now be generated for virtual tenants.

Issue fix:

  • Issue in fetching yesterday, today, and last 7 days' data in scheduled and saved reports is fixed.


Update  using service pack.
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