O365 Manager Plus 4214 released with 22 new Reports!

O365 Manager Plus 4214 released with 22 new Reports!

Hello Everybody!
We are glad to announce the release of the latest build of O365 Manager Plus – 4214. This build comes with 22 new reports on Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory.


22 new reports on Exchange Online, and Azure AD have been released. The reports are:

  • Mailboxes with External Mail Forwarding:  Gives the list of mailboxes with email forwarding configured to external domains.
  • Mailboxes with Internal Mail Forwarding: Lists the mailboxes for which email forwarding is configured to internal domains.
  • Mailboxes without Mail Forwarding: Provides information on the mailboxes for which email forwarding has been disabled.
  • Guest Users: Lists down the external users in your Office 365 setup.
  • Guest Group Members: Gives information on the guest users who are members of various groups.
  • Users with Send As Permission: Lists the users with Send As permission.
  • Users with Send On Behalf Permission: Lists the users with Send On Behalf permission.
  • Groups with Send As Permission: Provides information on the groups that have been given Send As permission.
  • Groups with Send On Behalf Permission: Provides information on the groups that have been given Send On Behalf permission.
  • Mailboxes without Delegates: Provides the list of mailboxes without any delegated users.
  • Mailboxes without Inbox Rule: Lists the mailboxes without inbox rules configured.
  • Sweep Rules: Lists the mailboxes with sweep rules configured along with their details.
  • Mailboxes without Sweep Rules: Lists the mailboxes without any sweep rules configured.
  • Transport Rule List: Gives information on the transport rules, and the details on changes made to them.
  • Quarantined Messages: Provides the details of quarantined messages in your Exchange Online environment.
  • Azure Unlocked Users: Gives the list of recently unlocked users.
  • MFA Enabled Users: Provides the list of MFA-enabled user accounts.
  • MFA Disabled Users: Provides the list of MFA-disabled user accounts.
  • Groups without License: Lists the groups without any license assigned to them.
  • Mailbox Message Configuration by User: Provides details on message settings for each mailbox in your organization.
  • Auto-empty Deleted Items Folder: Lists the mailboxes that have the auto-empty deleted items folder on signing out option enabled.
  • Trusted/Blocked Senders and Recipients: Provides details on the senders/recipients trusted and blocked by each mailbox.

Bug fix:

  • The missing data issue faced while using monitoring feature with MFA-enabled accounts has been fixed.
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