O365 Manager Plus 4212 released with new Management Tasks!

O365 Manager Plus 4212 released with new Management Tasks!

Hello Everybody!

We are glad to announce the release of the latest build of O365 Manager Plus – 4212. This build comes with 10 new Management tasks and 3 enhancements.

O365 Manager Plus now allows you to perform 10 new management tasks:

  • Disable Outlook Auto-mapping: Disable Exchange Online mailboxes from being auto-mapped to the Outlook client of users with full access permission.
  • Set Mail Forwarding: Enable or disable email forwarding, and configure forwarding addresses for shared mailboxes.
  • Trust/Block Senders and Recipients: Create a trusted or blocked senders list of users/domains to control spamming. Trusted/blocked senders will also be considered as the trusted/blocked recipients respectively.
  • Shared Mailbox Creation: Create multiple shared mailboxes at a time using CSV.
  • Hard Delete Users: Remove users from the recycle bin.
  • Change UPN: Change the User Principal Name of multiple users at a time using CSV.
  • Dynamic Distribution Group Creation: Create multiple dynamic distribution groups at a time using CSV.
  • Add/Remove Office 365 Group Owners: Add or remove Office 365 group owners from multiple groups using CSV.
  • Add/Remove Group Members using CSV: Add or remove multiple users from multiple groups using CSV.
  • Group-based License Modification: Add or remove licenses of Office 365 users based on their group membership.


The following management tasks have been enhanced:

  • Modify Distribution List Members: Users can now add groups as members of distribution lists.
  • Modify Mail-enabled Security Group Members: Users can now add groups as members of mail-enabled security groups.
  • Mailbox Permission Changes: Users can now disable auto-mapping while giving full access permission to mailboxes.

How to Update?
Update using service pack.

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