Notification Template variable implementation

Notification Template variable implementation


When a variable substitution has no value, the literal variable name is included in notifications.

Current behavior:

For instance, a user created with no extension (using the ipPhone field), has a notification generated that includes the literal string "%ipPhone%".

Desired behavior:

Incoming variables with no value are converted to an empty string.


I am currently using notification template variables as documented, and they are working as described. For instance, I am including a line detailing a users local extension something like this:

Office Extension: %ipPhone%

However, when a user is created that does not have an extension assigned, the notification is going out with the variable name untouched, leaving my end users wondering what "%ipPhone%" means and asking if something has gone wrong. This is the case with more than just the %ipPhone% variable, it is just an example.

Is there a way to have empty, unassigned variables display as empty strings instead of their literal variable name? So that, for example, if a user is assigned an extension, it will display as:

Office Extension: 12345

But if they are not assigned an extension, it will display as:

Office Extension:

Specifically, I am trying to avoid the notification contain the literal string:

Office Extension: %ipPhone%

Thank you!