Notice about EOL of Account Admin role and Site Admin role

Notice about EOL of Account Admin role and Site Admin role

Dear Users,

In the next few months, we plan to remove the SDAccountAdmin/SDSiteAdmin role. However, before we go ahead with the plan, we wish to hear your thoughts on the SDAccountAdmin/SDSiteAdmin role and how you use it in your organization.

So, why are we removing the role?

In short, to simplify product configurations and account management. In the current ServiceDesk Plus MSP setup, the SDAccountAdmin role can add accounts, sites, and departments and SDSiteAdmin has similar options for Sites. But, this level of account management can be easily performed by any common role.

Inputs and feedback from several organizations have confirmed that a common process is usually defined organization-wide, but specific services are delivered to different individuals. Therefore, any deviation to the process can be handled by a common role.

In the context of managed service providers (MSPs), a common or similar service can be provided to all accounts, but the delivery can be through different person. Therefore, a common role, instead of the SDAccountAdmin or SDSiteAdmin role, can perform all the required account management tasks.

Tell us what you think

Please note that we have not yet removed the role. We are still in the process of understanding how our customers are using the SDAccount Admin/SDSiteAdmin role so that we can simplify product configurations and account management.

Therefore, please send us your feedback about the SDAccount Admin/SDSiteAdmin role. This will help us enhance your experience of the product greatly.

You can contact us at also with your feedback.

Thank you

Santhosh V
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Team

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